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Mike and Patty created the School of Technology due to the explosion of mobile technology and the lack of information on how much this technology can impact the average consumer. Currently, most information on using and maintaining these devices is only available from the company websites or independently produced You Tube videos which can be confusing and offer little opportunity for questions or feedback. They have recently expanded this support into the business and education worlds.

Mike and Patty entered the world of mobile technology when they started developing apps as a family business in 2010. Both have been involved in the public education system and both graduated from Western Illinois University. Mike was a golf professional at a Country Club outside of Peoria, Illinois after he graduated college. After moving to Texas, Mike spent 20 years as a tax accountant and real estate broker until entering the teaching profession where he served as the Assistive Technology Coordinator, Transition Specialist, the AVID College Prep class teacher, Special Education Campus Coordinator, and conducted Instructional Technology Focus groups for the teachers at Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe, Texas. Patty recently retired from the education profession after 25 years of teaching. Patty was also the owner and operator of Rio Desktop Publishing where she specialized in graphic art & design. Patty has taught iPad/iPhone courses at a local community college.

Mike & Patty currently have Apps in the App Store, Google Play, BlackBerry App World, and the Windows Store. Their corporation, The House of File App Development Company, now contracts with developers in the U.S., China, Singapore, and India.